Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Letting the Black-Eyed People In

What happens when you let a black-eyed person in to your home? To let something so malicious, an entity so foreign and dangerous violate your personal space, what are the exact consequences? Well, no one knows. Or, is it perhaps more accurate to say that no one has lived to tell the tale? If you're a frequent visitor to this website or to the larger world of Fortean phenomena then no doubt you are already acquainted with the idea of the black-eyed people, but for those few who may not be let me recommend reading this first.

I used to spend a lot of time on a web community for anime fans known as Gaia Online. Though anime was what initially drew people (myself included) into Gaia, the forums actually covered a wide variety of topics, including the paranormal. It was here that I spend most of my time (surprise surprise) and at one point I managed to get a pretty popular thread going on the topic of black-eyed people. Most of it didn't stick with me, and as I didn't have this blog at the time I didn't really think to save anything of interest sorry to say. However, there was one story I do remember because it was the only story privately messaged to me regarding the subject. You'll have to forgive my wonky memory but what I can relate is worth telling because it might just offer a clue as to what happens when you let the BEP in (since it's been years and since I can't recall the person's name I'm hopefully not wrong in sharing this).

This person was staying at a hotel with their parents. Now, the way I think I remember it is this kid finds the BEP in their hotel room but that might not be right. Perhaps the entity was just wandering about the hotel, but I think they do end up in the room because I have this sort of thought like I remember being surprised that they were in the room without being invited in. So, this person, this kid, they go into their hotel room to find this entity there and the next day their mother dies. Completely out of left field. Shocking and tragic.

Unfortunately that's also all I can recall and want so badly to do the whole affair more justice but honestly don't know how. Can't say what sort of interaction the mother had with the entities, if she was the one who let them in or if they let themselves in or what. Don't even remember if the BEP was a kid or adult, what gender it appeared as. Nothing. It's all just too fuzzy for me. But still, there is useful information here. For one, they clearly bring death, which can't be all that surprising to those who've been following these cases. Two, it makes you realize that a hotel is probably not a safe haven from these beings. Think about it. A hotel is a public space, even your room isn't really your room, just a bed you're borrowing for a night or two, which is apparently good enough to give the BEP the green light. So be cautious next time you're on vacation! Be cautious everywhere you go! These things are clearly out there and clearly they mean us no good! The best I can recommend is surrounding yourself with positive energy and keeping your mind resilient and focused if ever you should encounter one of these things.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Music of Cahokia

My mother beneath the Cahokia trees.
To Quote:

"The remains of the most sophisticated prehistoric native civilization north of Mexico are preserved at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site. Within the 2,200-acre tract, located a few miles west of Collinsville, Illinois, lie the archaeological remnants of the central section of the ancient settlement that is today known as Cahokia".

"One of the greatest cities of the world, Cahokia was larger than London was in AD 1250. The Mississippians who lived here were accomplished builders who erected a wide variety of structures from practical homes for everyday living to monumental public works that have maintained their grandeur for centuries".


And so this is where my parents spent their previous weekend, exploring the mounds and Woodhenge (which is exactly what it sounds like) of Cahokia in southernmost Illinois outside of what is now St. Louis, MO. Unfortunately my mother has really bad knees so while my dad was trooping up and down the Monks Mound she decided to go rest beneath a sparse collection of trees for a cigarette and beer. There was nothing significant going on that day, no musical troops, no music from the visitor's center and one could easily see for a great distance around them to spot someone in the act and yet, as my mother was relaxing suddenly there came on the wind a sound of music. It was female, a cappella and in a language totally foreign to my mother. According to her it lasted for approximately two minutes before fading away (and no, I don't believe it had anything to do with the beer she was drinking).

What do you think my mother heard? Was it the ghost of something long past or simply an unseen but fully fleshed singer somewhere off in the distance? If you do a Google search on Cahokia and ghosts you get around 149,000 hits so clearly other people are encountering unusual phenomena on and around the mounds, and considering the nature of the location it really should come as no surprise to anyone that people are having these experiences.

But that's just my opinion.


Just Finished: Missing 411-Hunters

Missing 411-Hunters is the latest of six books in the Missing 411 series, an in-depth case study of unusual cluster disappearances in both North America and beyond by former lawman David Paulides. The books are an absolute must for anyone interested in missing person cases and equally so for paranormal buffs. Paulides takes a very level approach to reporting these disappearances, presenting the facts as they stand and rarely postulating on what's going on, which is to say that with the exception of one story in the very back of Missing 411-Hunters, no mention of the supernatural is given, but that doesn't mean that most readers won't surmise that something beyond current human understanding is at work here.

This is the second book of his I've read, the first being Missing 411-Western United States & Canada, and as such can definitely see why the series is so popular. It's a serious issue that's been largely ignored up until this point but is finally on its way to getting the attention it deserves thanks to Paulides. I've recommended this series to many a person now and my sister has even gone so far as to say that it's the only book she's ever read that actually changed her life.

For more information or to purchase Missing 411 check out the CanAm Missing Project.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Wichita Triangle

Well known amongst UFO enthusiasts but perhaps less so to the general public is the mysterious case of the so-called "Wichita Triangle", an unidentified triangular craft filmed by Wichita resident Jeff Templin on April 15th, 2014 as it flew silently in an unusual 'S' shaped flight pattern in broad daylight. The object was strikingly similar to one photographed about a month prior in Amarillo, TX.

While most agree that is a human made object, beyond that its origins are a complete mystery.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hil Happenings

What follows are a couple of minor but interesting and decidedly odd encounters had by my sister Hilary that I hope you enjoy reading and perhaps will encourage you to reflect (and share) on some of your own experiences with the unseen world.

In our first story today we find my sister driving to work around 5:50 in the afternoon. As she's making her way in the left lane down 18th St Expressway in Kansas City, KS she looks in her rear view mirror and acknowledges that there is a big white Jeep about thirty feet behind her in the right lane (the only other car in her line of sight). She goes on for a moment more and then looks up again only to realize that the other car has disappeared, something to be expected if there had been any exits along the stretch she was driving which, according to my sister, there wasn't. So, assuming my sister is remembering things correctly, where did the car go? Was it a phantom, or perhaps some sort of time slip? Maybe the car made its way into another dimension? Who's to say?

The second story I have for you finds my sister inside a local grocery store. She's doing self checkout, facing towards the other cashier belts when suddenly everything seems to go quiet and still, as if time had frozen. The incident only lasted a couple of seconds but I imagine those were some of the creepiest seconds of my sister's life.

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Encounter With A Black-Eyed Kid

Today's tale is a little more second hand then most of my updates so it might seem somewhat less detailed but I'll do my best to relate the encounter to you as it was related to me because it's a very interesting addition to BEK lore.

According to the coworker who shared this encounter with my little sister who in turn shared it with me, the coworker was getting out of their car at a local grocery store and in the process of doing so happened to look in on the neighboring car where something most peculiar was taking place. In that car there sat a child (gender and age unknown), seemingly staring off into some unobservable void and absently using their index finger to flick at their bottom lip. Odd, for sure, but odder still was the color (or lack of) in the child's eyes. Pure black, no iris, no pupil, no sclera. The coworker didn't really mention whether they felt any of the fear so often associated with BEK, and as far as I can gather the above is the whole of the story but even though it's not a particularly drawn out encounter it's still an interesting one. Could this kid have been disabled or on something? Of course, but there are some interesting elements to this story that seem very in line with the behavior of the BEP. First is the lip flicking. Very peculiar behavior, no? Granted someone mentally challenged or on drugs could as easily be seen engaging in this sort of activity but one would hope that nobody is giving illicit drugs to children or leaving their disabled kid alone in the car. The second is the location itself. In my research I seem to come across quite a few stories that involve BEP in grocery stores or in some other situation involving food, as if they're studying us and our means of acquiring nutrients in an attempt to perhaps better acclimate into our world (if not something more sinister). Furthering this idea of location is also the fact that the coworker's experience took place in the Kansas City metro area, an area rife with BEK encounters (as I myself have previously discussed). Interestingly enough my little sister has long postulated that their interest in KC is somehow also tied to the idea of the Midwest as a center of agriculture, furthering the BEP connection to food. Could she be right? What do you think? Was this a BEK stuck in the car while their kin go off to study our ways or simply an unfortunate kid neglected by their guardians?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Possible Mandela Effect Proof?

I know, I know, it's been eons since my last update. There was some very personal stuff I had to work through, but I'm all better now and here to share something very interesting I came across a couple of months back while absently thumbing through a book I'd purchased called Walt Disney's Classic Storybook, an anthology of Little Gold Book and other adaptations of various Disney films. It was while working my way through the pages in order to admire the illustrations that I came across "The Flying Car", what was originally a Little Gold Book story based on Disney's The Absent Minded Professor. Looking closer, and being ever mindful of the Mandela Effect, I noticed that on the first page where the logo on the Professor's Model T is prevalent that the 'F' in the Ford logo is missing its controversial pig tail (the curl at the end of the line going through the 'F'). Intrigued, I flipped through the rest of the story and sure enough, in each picture where the logo was present the 'F' was missing its pig tail.

For those unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, according to those experiencing the Mandela Effect (which you can read more about here), they remember the Ford logo looking like such:

When in fact it looks like this:

See that little curl at the end of the line through the 'F'? That's what's referred to as a pig tail and many people don't remember it being there originally (myself included).

So if that's what the Ford logo looks like then what's up with these illustrations? Was it just a lazy artist? It's possible, but considering the detail put into the pictures and the notoriously exacting standards of Disney this seems unlikely. I mean, to allow an artist to slack on a corporate logo just doesn't seem like the sort of thing Disney would allow. Now, looking at stills from the film it's sort of hard to tell but it looks as if the car's logo is the latter, with the pig tail (just google it for yourself).

What is it? Slacker artist or proof that there's more to our reality then what we've been lead to believe? Here are the illustrations in question. You be the judge.

I apologize for the iffy quality, but I think they get the point across. Plus, you're always welcome to go pick up a copy for yourself if you don't trust the above pictures.