Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Something in the Bushes

       Is there something malicious, or at the very least chaotic neutral, lurking in the vast foliage of my parents garden? From mysterious white rectangles and bizarre noises to strange creatures in trees, I've covered my fair share of bizarre happenings courtesy of their (and the neighbor's) yard. As long time readers of this blog already know I have always been forthcoming in my opinion that there is some sort of fairy living out there. Of just what nature exactly I do not know but I'm starting to suspect more and more that while it isn't necessarily evil whatever or whoever is hanging around is not to be trifled with (which is the case with most fairies, mind you). I say this for several reasons. First is the feeling one gets out there. Could this be from psyching ourselves out? Yes. But let me just say that as a night worker I'm used to the dark. It doesn't bother me. However, every time I attempt to go out late at night into my parents' garden I can't help but feel as if I'm being watched or that something is lying in wait to pounce on me. Looking out back or passing by the apple tree one gets the sense that they're passing by a whole other world and it's a little eerie to say the least. But, being that no one has ever actually been attacked or menaced in any direct sense I don't think it wants to hurt us, just wants us to know that it could.

           My second reasoning is based on the recent behavior of one of their cats. This cat, Shaggy, is leashed trained and gets nightly walks around the yard. Shaggy is a giant ginger tabby, a fierce hunter and fearless beast who takes no crap from anyone. Anyone but, say, a fairy perhaps? For two nights in a row he'd reach this patch of weeds in the far corner, sniff it, and then dart off in a blind panic. He has never behaved this way before. My mother thought maybe he could smell some larger animal, but there were no signs of trampling from a raccoon or possum. The possibility of dog poo was also brought up but Shaggy usually just tries to bury the stuff. Sweat bees? Now that is admittedly not outside the realm of possibility. Tonight, for the record, he outright ignored the area. So just what was it that scared him so much? Was Shaggy just being neurotic, stung, or was some unseen entity threatening him in some way? My sister and I are going to go out to that spot tomorrow night (with plenty of protection) and see if we can't come up with some answers.

Wish us luck!


My sister, best friend, and I did make it out to the spot but were quickly distracted by an incoming storm (the lightning was just too cool) so nothing much was gained from our prodding. But I imagine that even if we had managed to sit out there for a while we probably would not have encountered much. Fairies are unpredictable, prefer to be left alone, and don't play by our rules so our loudly wanting to see one would probably be every reason for a fairy to stay away! For what it's worth though around one in the morning we did hear a small animal being attacked in that area. Even if unrelated, hearing death squeals (especially at odd hours) is never not unsettling.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

All Squared Away

Here's an interesting little glitch in the matrix experience, courtesy of my roommate/best friend Hannah.

Hannah was driving west down Shawnee Mission Parkway, right where it goes over I-35. There's currently (as of this entry) some construction work being done along here and to compensate they've had to temporarily repaint the lanes for traffic redirection. Well, as she's going along she's sort of absently staring at the white line on the road and as she's following it notices that a small square of it is black but then suddenly it's just not. Like, her noticing it made it vanish, the line going back to white. From how she described it the encounter reminded me of a small glitch in the graphics of a digital broadcast.

This isn't the first interesting story I've written about Shawnee Mission Parkway either. I've blogged in the past about a ghost dog seen along the road in addition to a mystery egg that fell on top of the same Hannah's car at three in the morning. So, next time you find yourself on the Parkway, be sure to keep yourself alert. Who knows what you might see!

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A Rustling in the Basement

I have my own place but on my days off I prefer to spend most of my time at my parents' home. You know, give myself a change of scenery. In fact, most of this blog is written from their computer (this post included), updated in the wee hours of the morning while so much of the world sleeps. Being that I keep what is essentially a vampire's schedule (wake up at sundown, go down at sunrise) I've become very acquainted over the years with the night's music. All those little bumps and creaks, hoots and howls that make up its soundtrack, I can easily pick out what's expected and what's less so. Or, at least I usually can. Sometimes though...

A couple of weeks ago I was at this very computer, listening to music and browsing internet nonsense when I heard a minor ruckus in the basement, like someone was moving boxes around. I froze momentarily before reminding myself that it was probably just one of my parents' cats. Still, I felt off about the situation and oddly compelled to get up and check to see that all the upstairs doors were locked (though, in retrospect I don't know what good I thought this was going to do if something was already inside...). Satisfied that the back door was locked I peered down the basement stairs on my way back to the living room but all down there was darkness and I didn't quite feel up to turning the light on. By now the noise had subsided though and so I settled back in, sure it was the cat. It happened a few more times, that shuffling sound, but I did my best to ignore it and finally it went away.

It was until the next week, casually going over what I heard with my mother that I started to wonder if it really was the cat I heard. For one, she's usually a lot louder or infinitely more quiet than what I heard. If she sees something outside she'll start mewing and attacking the window or begin kitten ripping around the basement (which is the term used for when a cat starts energetically running around for reasons that seem nonsensical to us humans). Its a very distinct sort of cat-induced chaos. What I heard though was more like items being carefully moved about, though perhaps Chanel (that's the cat) was just moving around amongst junk in a way that sound like shuffling. I never did hear her come up stairs though, and usually I do (like I said before, she is sneaky though). When eventually I did find her a couple hours later she was asleep in the bathroom.

Don't know, it's really hard to say with this one. Though abnormal sounding for sure, I don't have full confidence that this was a paranormal experience but heck, you never know. I'm kicking myself for not immediately checking every room upstairs to determine whether or not the cat was in the basement. If I had done what a good investigator should do then we'd either have a much greater mystery here or none at all. The whole affair did give me the creeps, but I could've very well just been psyching myself out.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Letting the Black-Eyed People In

What happens when you let a black-eyed person in to your home? To let something so malicious, an entity so foreign and dangerous violate your personal space, what are the exact consequences? Well, no one knows. Or, is it perhaps more accurate to say that no one has lived to tell the tale? If you're a frequent visitor to this website or to the larger world of Fortean phenomena then no doubt you are already acquainted with the idea of the black-eyed people, but for those few who may not be let me recommend reading this first.

I used to spend a lot of time on a web community for anime fans known as Gaia Online. Though anime was what initially drew people (myself included) into Gaia, the forums actually covered a wide variety of topics, including the paranormal. It was here that I spend most of my time (surprise surprise) and at one point I managed to get a pretty popular thread going on the topic of black-eyed people. Most of it didn't stick with me, and as I didn't have this blog at the time I didn't really think to save anything of interest sorry to say. However, there was one story I do remember because it was the only story privately messaged to me regarding the subject. You'll have to forgive my wonky memory but what I can relate is worth telling because it might just offer a clue as to what happens when you let the BEP in (since it's been years and since I can't recall the person's name I'm hopefully not wrong in sharing this).

This person was staying at a hotel with their parents. Now, the way I think I remember it is this kid finds the BEP in their hotel room but that might not be right. Perhaps the entity was just wandering about the hotel, but I think they do end up in the room because I have this sort of thought like I remember being surprised that they were in the room without being invited in. So, this person, this kid, they go into their hotel room to find this entity there and the next day their mother dies. Completely out of left field. Shocking and tragic.

Unfortunately that's also all I can recall and want so badly to do the whole affair more justice but honestly don't know how. Can't say what sort of interaction the mother had with the entities, if she was the one who let them in or if they let themselves in or what. Don't even remember if the BEP was a kid or adult, what gender it appeared as. Nothing. It's all just too fuzzy for me. But still, there is useful information here. For one, they clearly bring death, which can't be all that surprising to those who've been following these cases. Two, it makes you realize that a hotel is probably not a safe haven from these beings. Think about it. A hotel is a public space, even your room isn't really your room, just a bed you're borrowing for a night or two, which is apparently good enough to give the BEP the green light. So be cautious next time you're on vacation! Be cautious everywhere you go! These things are clearly out there and clearly they mean us no good! The best I can recommend is surrounding yourself with positive energy and keeping your mind resilient and focused if ever you should encounter one of these things.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Music of Cahokia

My mother beneath the Cahokia trees.
To Quote:

"The remains of the most sophisticated prehistoric native civilization north of Mexico are preserved at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site. Within the 2,200-acre tract, located a few miles west of Collinsville, Illinois, lie the archaeological remnants of the central section of the ancient settlement that is today known as Cahokia".

"One of the greatest cities of the world, Cahokia was larger than London was in AD 1250. The Mississippians who lived here were accomplished builders who erected a wide variety of structures from practical homes for everyday living to monumental public works that have maintained their grandeur for centuries".


And so this is where my parents spent their previous weekend, exploring the mounds and Woodhenge (which is exactly what it sounds like) of Cahokia in southernmost Illinois outside of what is now St. Louis, MO. Unfortunately my mother has really bad knees so while my dad was trooping up and down the Monks Mound she decided to go rest beneath a sparse collection of trees for a cigarette and beer. There was nothing significant going on that day, no musical troops, no music from the visitor's center and one could easily see for a great distance around them to spot someone in the act and yet, as my mother was relaxing suddenly there came on the wind a sound of music. It was female, a cappella and in a language totally foreign to my mother. According to her it lasted for approximately two minutes before fading away (and no, I don't believe it had anything to do with the beer she was drinking).

What do you think my mother heard? Was it the ghost of something long past or simply an unseen but fully fleshed singer somewhere off in the distance? If you do a Google search on Cahokia and ghosts you get around 149,000 hits so clearly other people are encountering unusual phenomena on and around the mounds, and considering the nature of the location it really should come as no surprise to anyone that people are having these experiences.

But that's just my opinion.


Just Finished: Missing 411-Hunters

Missing 411-Hunters is the latest of six books in the Missing 411 series, an in-depth case study of unusual cluster disappearances in both North America and beyond by former lawman David Paulides. The books are an absolute must for anyone interested in missing person cases and equally so for paranormal buffs. Paulides takes a very level approach to reporting these disappearances, presenting the facts as they stand and rarely postulating on what's going on, which is to say that with the exception of one story in the very back of Missing 411-Hunters, no mention of the supernatural is given, but that doesn't mean that most readers won't surmise that something beyond current human understanding is at work here.

This is the second book of his I've read, the first being Missing 411-Western United States & Canada, and as such can definitely see why the series is so popular. It's a serious issue that's been largely ignored up until this point but is finally on its way to getting the attention it deserves thanks to Paulides. I've recommended this series to many a person now and my sister has even gone so far as to say that it's the only book she's ever read that actually changed her life.

For more information or to purchase Missing 411 check out the CanAm Missing Project.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Wichita Triangle

Well known amongst UFO enthusiasts but perhaps less so to the general public is the mysterious case of the so-called "Wichita Triangle", an unidentified triangular craft filmed by Wichita resident Jeff Templin on April 15th, 2014 as it flew silently in an unusual 'S' shaped flight pattern in broad daylight. The object was strikingly similar to one photographed about a month prior in Amarillo, TX.

While most agree that is a human made object, beyond that its origins are a complete mystery.