Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Possible Mandela Effect Proof?

I know, I know, it's been eons since my last update. There was some very personal stuff I had to work through, but I'm all better now and here to share something very interesting I came across a couple of months back while absently thumbing through a book I'd purchased called Walt Disney's Classic Storybook, an anthology of Little Gold Book and other adaptations of various Disney films. It was while working my way through the pages in order to admire the illustrations that I came across "The Flying Car", what was originally a Little Gold Book story based on Disney's The Absent Minded Professor. Looking closer, and being ever mindful of the Mandela Effect, I noticed that on the first page where the logo on the Professor's Model T is prevalent that the 'F' in the Ford logo is missing its controversial pig tail (the curl at the end of the line going through the 'F'). Intrigued, I flipped through the rest of the story and sure enough, in each picture where the logo was present the 'F' was missing its pig tail.

For those unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, according to those experiencing the Mandela Effect (which you can read more about here), they remember the Ford logo looking like such:

When in fact it looks like this:

See that little curl at the end of the line through the 'F'? That's what's referred to as a pig tail and many people don't remember it being there originally (myself included).

So if that's what the Ford logo looks like then what's up with these illustrations? Was it just a lazy artist? It's possible, but considering the detail put into the pictures and the notoriously exacting standards of Disney this seems unlikely. I mean, to allow an artist to slack on a corporate logo just doesn't seem like the sort of thing Disney would allow. Now, looking at stills from the film it's sort of hard to tell but it looks as if the car's logo is the latter, with the pig tail (just google it for yourself).

What is it? Slacker artist or proof that there's more to our reality then what we've been lead to believe? Here are the illustrations in question. You be the judge.

I apologize for the iffy quality, but I think they get the point across. Plus, you're always welcome to go pick up a copy for yourself if you don't trust the above pictures.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Kansas City Legends: Freeman Cemetery

          While researching Gravity Hill I came across mention of a supposedly haunted cemetery near to the hill, one Freeman Cemetery. According to that link, orbs, bizarre odors and a strange orange mist are just some of the things that a person might encounter on a night out in Freeman Cemetery. It's a tantalizing prospect to be sure, and one I simply couldn't resist so I packed my camera and EMF reader and set out with my roommate to seek out this enticingly haunted cemetery.
          To start out with , as a practical note to other curiosity seekers, the cemetery officially closes at sunset. We arrived exactly at closing but the cemetery was still accessible and we were never bothered but I can't guarantee that this will always be the case so, you know, word to the wise, if you go after closing I can't promise you won't encounter law enforcement. The best advice I can give is go in a small group and keep quiet and respectful to minimize your presence. And while I say we weren't bothered, another vehicle did in fact enter the cemetery after us. However, they left right after noticing my roomie and me (which was personally disappointing, as there was potential there for an interview there).
          Regarding the actual spooks, we spent quite a bit of time walking around taking pictures and holding up the EMF reader while attempting to interact with anything that might be present, all seemingly to no avail. However, after a time my roommate and I decided to simply sit on a bench and just talk about everyday life with the EMF reader still on and this tactic did in fact yield results. During a conversation about dreams and then later on during one about food there was a definite spike in readings. We bounced around and generally fiddled with the reader to see if we were in some way causing the spikes but no matter what we did we couldn't get it to read as it had before, which was very interesting. It makes sense though. These ghosts were and in a sense still are human, and as humans I imagine they probably get tired of constantly hearing the same patronizing questions about who they are and how they died. To me it seems entirely plausible that a ghost might better react to simply hearing a normal conversation about the everyday activities of the still living.

 For the record, I tried to do some research on the cemetery but this yielded absolutely nothing of note.

         Most ghost hunts aren't nearly as dramatic as they appear on television, so a spike in an EMF reading is a pretty exciting indicator of potential paranormal activity in Freeman Cemetery. No orbs, weird smells or strange fogs were present for our investigation but I would definitely agree that Freeman Cemetery is haunted.

If you've had any interesting experiences at either Freeman Cemetery or elsewhere feel free to contact me via facebook or a comment on this blog (I'm bad at checking me e-mail).

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Top 10 Mandela Effects I Have Experienced

On the off chance you are unfamiliar with the Mandela Effect, here's a little background. The Mandela Effect is the name given to a phenomena of collective alternate remembering of something by a large group of people. It was first described by blogger Fiona Broome upon discovering that many others falsely (false according to this timeline at least) remembered Nelson Mandela dying during his imprisonment in the 1980s and not in 2013, as is in fact the case. There are many theories surrounding the effect, the most obvious being that these are simply cases of misremembering and human fallibility while others insist that the Mandela Effect is proof of parallel universes. I personally think the truth lies somewhere in between, but I'm not here to argue to the point, simply to put forth my own experiences with the
1. Berenstein vs. Berenstain

In what is perhaps the most famous example of the Mandela Effect, many people remember this book/television show as the BerenstEIn Bears, not the BerenstAIn Bears, myself included. I even dug up a bunch of old books in an attempt to disprove the Internet, but alas, there it was...the Berenstain Bears. It was this experience that first introduced me to the whole concept of the Mandela Effect.

2. Chartreuse

Like many others, I remember chartreuse as a red shade and not the avocado-esque color it actually is. It's worth noting too that about a month ago I actually drove past a Chartroose Caboose and remember being surprised that the interior was indeed red and not the green it's apparently supposed to be (though it is used on their website). I purposely noted this discrepancy because of my awareness of the controversy surrounding the color.

3. Ford Logo

I have no recollection of there being a pig's tail in the line through the F, and while I am by no means a car buff my family has always purchased Fords and I simply find it odd that I've never noticed this before.

4. Star Wars

I have no memory of C-3P0 having a silver leg and yet, there it is.

5. My Mattress

In what is by far my most personal experience with the Mandela Effect, I present to you the mysterious case of my futon mattress. I remember buying that thing back in high school, a classic foldable futon mattress. For those unfamiliar with this kind of mattress, they have what I could best describe as hinged seams sewn in:
They're built in to the construction of the mattress and aren't simply something that can be worn away over time. This is how I remember my mattress being. I even remember when my parents presented my new futon to me, folded up as a couch. So imagine my surprise several years back when I went to move the thing and now it looked like this:

That thing now refuses to be folded. It's just a flat, unyielding mattress. I've asked around, and neither myself nor anyone in my family remembers buying anything other then the first, folding mattress.

6. Skechers vs. Sketchers

Apparently it's Skechers without a the 't' but that's not how I recall it. In fact, I had to rewrite this entry because I originally tried to put the reverse down as true.

7. North and South Korea

I remember them being a lot further south then where they show up now, and don't  recall any part of North Korea sharing a border with Russia.

8.Chic-Fil-A vs. Chick-Fil-A

Granted I have never eaten at a Chick-Fil-A but I've seen the logo enough and I don't recall it ever being spelled with a 'ck', only the 'c'. Interestingly enough, other people I've talked to remember it being spelled with only a 'k'.

9. Volkswagen Emblem

There is a space between the 'V' and the 'W' that doesn't look right to many, myself included.

10. Curious George's Tail

Despite what I might remember Curious George apparently does not have a tail.

That last link about Curious George is also interesting in that it brings up the idea of dual memories, or the concept of conflicting memories. I have one concerning McDonalds. While I mostly remember it as McDonalds, I also have this memory of seeing a MacDonalds and thinking "Huh, well that's odd. I guess I've been spelling it wrong".

I've experienced other Mandela Effects and perhaps I'll make a sequel to this list at some point but for now I'd recommend doing some research for yourself. Hop over to Google or YouTube and see how your own memories match up.

Just try to not get lost in the rabbit hole.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Mysterious Rectangle II

It's been spotted again! That bizarre white rectangle haunting the backyard of my parents' neighbors has been seen by my mother once more (I strongly recommend clicking on that link for background information).

It was around 4:45 in the afternoon on August 1st, 2016 (which, for what it's worth, also happened to be Lammas). It was a clear, sunny day and my mother was once again enjoying it from her perch in the backyard when it showed up again, still following the same property line as before but further up off the ground, around seven feet from the top of the object. This time she was able to get closer to it, noting that it appeared somewhat larger then before. The thing was observed drifting beneath the storm drain of a garage on the opposite side of the fence before hitting the end of the property and instantly vanishing, just as it had before.

In my first post I ponder at length on this being some sort of spirit or manifestation of human emotion, but then my mother told me something yesterday that totally changed my opinion. According to her there was no intelligence about it, that the object felt more "like a glitch...like a computer with a malfunctioning video card". So now we're thinking that this might be some kind of portal, which at first seems like a huge jump in thinking but as soon as you hear what happened next you'll understand why we might think that.

Earlier that day (early as in four thirty in the morning) my sister was sitting outside when she heard something that she hadn't heard in years. Off in the distance, carried over by the night air, was the distinct sound of an extremely deep and melodic humming, much like the one she'd heard back in 2011. Feeling somewhat braver then she had the first go around, my sister decided to stick around and see if she could figure anything out. Nothing ever revealed itself but she did note that the sound could be heard on and off for three minutes before finally coming to a rest. Now, unlike my mother's rectangle, this humming sounded like it came from an organic source. Was it coincidence that both of these experiences happened on the same day or are they somehow related? Perhaps whatever was humming is using this rectangle to travel between worlds, aided by the possibility that the space in that particular area is somehow different, thin or unstable in some way. It's in considering some of the oddities witnessed in my parents' yard (to mention nothing of inside the home...although I'm not sure how related I think they are) that I have begun to speculate that this rectangle might just be some sort of portal for whatever likes to hang out in their garden.

 This is only an overview of a theory (I really could go on and on), so if anyone else has any ideas or even just a comparative story (as I really couldn't find any) please comment!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Mysterious Rectangle

Today's post is going to cover one of the single most unique and baffling cases I have ever encountered. If the following has happened to anyone else I've never read or heard about it (though I'd certainly like to). I even tried just googling "paranormal rectangle" but nothing marginally relevant came up. Really, I have no framework, no way to compare this story with other phenomena using anything other then the vaguest commonalities. Just read for yourself and you'll see what I mean!

          Earlier in this month of May my sister suggested that I ask my mother about something highly strange that had recently happened to her that was unlike anything any of us had ever heard of, let alone experienced. My sister gave me the basic information, about how our mother had seen a floating white rectangle in the neighbor's backyard. This information alone was incredibly peculiar and without obvious explanation but I figured that given time along with the full story I'd come to a satisfactory theory.

Man, was I ever wrong!
          As it goes my mother was sitting out on the back patio sometime between three and five in the afternoon, same as she always does, relaxing and watching the birds. Her chair of choice faces east towards the neighbor's, allowing for a pretty clear view of their backyard despite the myriad shrubs and trees (not that my mother is particularly interested in our neighbors, this just happens to be the best place for the chair). Well, as she was sitting there looking towards their backyard she noticed an odd presence along the opposite fence chain, the one furthest from her on the other side of their backyard. It was a rectangle. A floating white rectangle with rounded edges hovering between the neighbor's patio and their fence. She could see both the top and the bottom of it, see the empty air beneath it as it lazed about around two feet in the air. The object had a texture too "like a poster board with a sheet draped over it", only the bottom didn't drape the way an actual sheet would if stuck over a board. The size was probably comparable to a poster board as well. It was seen by my mother drifting along the length of the patio and, upon reaching the end of said patio abruptly vanishing.

          Weird, right? Well, it gets even stranger because my sister has seen a similar object in the vicinity of the same neighbor's backyard. Her encounter occurred about a year ago as she too was sitting in our parents' backyard during the middle of the afternoon and happened to look up and see what she thought was a man in a white t-shirt crouched over in the narrow alley between their immediate neighbor's fence and another fence. But that white t-shirt was also all she could make out. No skin, hair, nothing. Now, in that part of the yard there are plants that could obstruct certain details so she didn't think much of it at the time. Curious that maybe this was someone working on one of the fences she went to go see who this stranger was tromping through their backyard (you can't access the alleyway without first passing through my parents' backyard). Only, when she gets to the fence nobody is there. Mind you this alley is maybe a foot and half in width, not super easy to maneuver around in and with no point of entry other then my parents' yard or the neighbor's two doors down (which you would see if someone had made it down there).

          Many I'm sure would be quick to dismiss both of the above as a case of mistaken identity. Maybe someone was out there with a poster board, someone that my mother failed to see. The neighbors do own a white dog and maybe some trick of the light caused the animal to look so peculiar and perhaps some man did manage to get away from my sister despite having nowhere to run and nowhere to hide (which would be in itself somewhat bizarre). Barring these theories though, what then? Let's examine some common themes. Both women described seeing a white object with cloth-like texture and movement. Both women say they saw this thing during the day and both times it was seen along the boundaries of their neighbor's backyard. The white drapery brings to mind the stereotypical Halloween sheet ghost or those fraudulent old séance photographs with the trail of "ectoplasm" spilling out of the medium's mouth, but I don't know of any example where such a ghost has been seen in earnest. The daylight thing doesn't necessarily mean much, although the fairy my mother saw was also seen during the afternoon. Perhaps these objects are related to that somehow? To me though the most interesting factor in all this is the things affinity for our neighbor's fence. Or perhaps it's not an affinity. Maybe it's somehow anchored to that place and the fence is simply the closest thing to freedom it can achieve. Which then makes me wonder what's going on next door.

         It's also worth noting that up until I really started to think on it, our first impression ("our" being my mother, sister, and I) was to blame the former neighbors because they seemed like the type to get drunk and do something foolish like play around with a spirit board. However, this is admittedly little more then catty speculation although, to be fair, one of them was a raging alcoholic. Maybe they opened the wound for these new people to rub salt in.

          See, for most of my life that backyard has been incredibly innocuous. It's only in the past year that any sort of high strangess has been witnessed out there, at least by my family. And my family is outside a lot. If this had been going on for longer then the past year surely someone would have noticed something before now. So, what has changed in the last year? My best guess would be the neighbors themselves. Granted they've actually been in that house for a couple of years but in that time frame I have noticed a few things happening over there that to me have the potential to create great amounts of spiritual energy and if I had to put forward my best hypothesis it would be that whatever is in the backyard is the physical manifestation of abuse and neglect. See, there's this woman over there all the time. I don't think she lives there but she's there constantly. She's skinny. Too skinny, the way a drug addict or someone with an eating disorder might be. She once locked her young son out of the house during a snow storm and the whole neighborhood could hear the boy scream in distress. I know CPS has been over there. Clearly something is not right. I personally suspect drug abuse. So yeah, between the addiction or mental illness and the parental neglect there's no way some negative energy hasn't been built up. A sort of depressed poltergeist then, as I don't get the impression that whatever is in the backyard is malicious. Just trapped. Like how an addict or an abused child might feel. Or maybe this is a preexisting being attracted to human suffering . Of course we also have no idea what's happened, if anything, inside that house. There could be a lot more to this phenomenon then just a floating rectangle.
          As I stated at the beginning, there's little to go off of in terms of comparable events so the theories are numerous, open ended and while writing this out has given me time to come closer to a working theory I'm still left with more questions then answers.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Nobody At the Computer

A couple of days back my mother got up around five or six in the morning to use the restroom and noticed what she described as the sound of a talk show with a male host playing from somewhere in the vicinity of the family computer. Well, being that both my sister and dad work nights and often get off around this time it is quite common for someone to be at the computer this time of day and so my mother didn't initially think anything of it. After coming out of the restroom though and still hearing the same voice she decided she might as well go greet whoever was up and that's when she realized nobody was there. She checked the adjacent kitchen to see if perhaps my dad and sister we in there talking but again, no one was there and by now the voices could no longer be heard. Slightly miffed but mostly just tired my mother ultimately decided to shrug it off and return to bed.

These sort of phantom sounds are fairly common in their house, especially around the kitchen and computer area. I know I've talked before about all the mysterious footfall both my sister and I have heard coming from the kitchen and the strange things that have transpired around the computer (see last entry). A time slip seems like a reasonable explanation but my mother, only half joking, purposed that perhaps since everyone spends so much time at the computer maybe we've simply created the world's lamest residual haunting!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lana Loving Ghost and the Bathroom Door

Because I work nights and get easily bored at my own apartment I often spend my days (and nights) off at my parents' house, frequently staying over until three, four, or even five in the morning. I'm usually the only one around, mind you, with everyone else either at work or in bed, so I have both free reign of the place and the freedom to recognize when something in it is amiss. Which, for me at least, is actually not too often. My sister and mother have had way more experiences here (see links below), but I have been witness to a few oddities over the years, including watching a camera take a photograph by itself and hearing inexplicable footfall. In the past couple of months however I have encountered a couple of peculiarities that will be the feature of tonight's entry. Neither one is particularly epic but when you spend enough time in a place you come to understand when something is off, and both of the following stories had that feeling of off-ness.

Lana Loving Ghost
My mom had gone to bed and everyone else was at work so it was just me messing around on the computer. I had Windows Media Player open but paused so I could go listen to a couple of songs on Youtube. Well, at some point I had to use the toilet, so I paused Youtube, got up and went into the bathroom. I kept the door open because I was feeling lazy and nobody was around and it was while I was sitting there that I suddenly noticed music. It was coming from the computer, and it was loud enough for me to recognize as Lana Del Rey. Now, I knew I had paused everything and that the volume on WMP was set loud, and if it had been playing while I was on Youtube I definitely would have noticed the confusing mashup of music wailing from the speakers. I could swear that when I left that computer though everything was quiet but sure enough, when I returned to it WMP was open and playing Lana Del Rey. Now, granted I did have it on shuffle and it is theoretically possible that somehow it was playing the entire time I was on Youtube but I promise you that when I walked away and entered the bathroom there was no music issuing forth from this computer.

The Bathroom DoorAgain with the bathroom!

This story is a lot shorter. Basically, I got up to use the restroom and the bathroom door was closed. Sounds stupid, right? Well, just hear me out. That door is never closed unless someone is in there (and sometimes not even then). My first though was maybe my mom (who was the only other person in the house) had done it but I never heard her get up to use the restroom (and trust me, when you're sitting in a fairly small and possibly haunted house at one in the morning you can't help but notice every single last sound, even with music playing. Not once did I hear that door close) and I seriously doubt I had done it. The idea of closing the bathroom door after I exit isn't even a part of my muscle memory. It just doesn't happen here. Of course there are a myriad mundane possibilities as to why that door was closed, but more then anything I just think it was odd that I never heard it close (and it's an unmistakable sound). Be it human or ghost or even a draft, that door should've made a sound.

Are these the most compelling of stories? Probably not. And I know they aren't great arguments in support of ghosts, but they really did happen to me and they really did put me off.

Basically, how the Super felt in the Bathroom Boys episode of T&E's Bedtime Stories is how I felt during both of the above encounters.

Now, for those interested here are some links to far more interesting encounters had within these walls:

The Orb

While in the basement my sister witnesses a mysterious orb floating around.


My sister again, this time hearing a bizarre hum outside the living room window.

Knock, Knock

My mom, dad, and sister all have run ins with something mysterious at the door.

Something in the Trees

My mom sees a highly bizarre creature hanging out in the apple tree.